American Daughters [Audiobook]

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Title American Daughters [Audiobook]
Authors and Contributors      By (author) Piper Huguley
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Trade Publishers Audiobooks
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April 2024 Release Titles
ISBN/Barcode 9798212901260
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Publisher Trade Publishers Audiobooks
Imprint HarperCollins
NZ Release Date 2 April 2024
Publication Country United States


In the vein of Americas First Daughter Piper Huguleys historical novel delves into the remarkable friendship of Portia Washington and Alice Roosevelt the daughters of educator Booker T. Washington and President Teddy Roosevelt. At the turn of the twentieth century in a time of great change two women--separated by societal status and culture but bound by their expected roles as the daughters of famed statesmen--forged a lifelong friendship. Portia Washingtons father Booker T. Washington was formerly enslaved and spent his life championing the empowerment of Black Americans through his school known popularly as Tuskegee Institute as well as his political connections. Dedicated to her fathers values Portia contributed by teaching and performing spirituals and classical music. But a marriage to a controlling and jealous husband made fulfilling her dreams much more difficult. When Theodore Roosevelt assumed the presidency his eldest daughter Alice Roosevelt joined him in the White House. To try to win her fathers approval she eagerly jumped in to help him succeed but Alices political savvy and nonconformist behavior alienated as well as intrigued his opponents and allies. When she married a congressman she carved out her own agendas and continued espousing womens rights and progressive causes. Brought together in the wake of their fathers friendship these bright and fascinating women helped each other struggle through marriages pregnancies and political upheaval supporting each other throughout their lives. A provocative historical novel and revealing portrait Piper Huguleys American Daughters vividly brings to life two passionate and vital women who nurtured a friendship that transcended politics and race over a century ago.