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Begin Again [Audiobook]

Audio CD

Main Details

Title Begin Again [Audiobook]
Authors and Contributors      By (author) Helly Acton
Physical Properties
Format:Audio CD
Category/GenreAudiobooks on CD
Trade Publishers Audiobooks
All Dates
April 2024 Release Titles
ISBN/Barcode 9798212897518
Edition Audiobook

Publishing Details

Publisher Trade Publishers Audiobooks
Imprint HarperCollins
NZ Release Date 2 April 2024
Publication Country United States


Have you ever wanted to change the past and discover the result of choices not taken? Now in this brilliantly fun novel of what-ifs missed chances and new beginnings Frankie McKenzie discovers what starting over might bring... Despite living firmly in her comfort zone Frankie McKenzie feels unsettled. She cant help feeling somethings missing. Is it a home to call her own? Travel? A more rewarding job? A relationship? Before she can work it out she dies in a freak kebab-related accident after what she sees as yet another dud of a first date. But life isnt over for Frankie. Instead she is miraculously offered a second chance: Frankie can revisit key moments from her past to see if different choices will lead her to the fulfilling life shes always dreamt of. And there are so many opportunities! Should she decide to languidly lounge by warm Mexican waters with sexy Raphael? Or say yes to the proposal of earnestly reliable university-sweetheart Toby? Perhaps a worry-free gilded cage with Callum is the solution! Or what about that high-powered media career she thought that she wanted? Soon Frankie will see what her life would have been if only shed caught that one-way flight accepted the marriage proposal or attended the intimidating job interview. Will she finally find her Mr. Right? Or discover she already had? Which way should she turn? And over and over she asks herself the question... What would she change if she could begin again?