The Golden Sheep 3

Paperback / softback

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Title The Golden Sheep 3
Authors and Contributors      By (author)   Kaori Ozaki
Physical Properties
Format:Paperback / softback
Dimensions(mm): Height 195,Width 137
CategoriesGraphic novels: Manga
ISBN 9781949980127
Illustrations 1 Illustrations, unspecified

Publishing Details

Publisher Vertical, Inc.
Imprint Vertical, Inc.
Publication Date 10 March 2020
NZ Release Date 10 March 2020
Publication Country United States


'They say if you write down your wish, bury it under Sheep Tower and then dig it up after 7 years and 7 months, your wish will come true...' Tsugu Miikura, a high schooler who loves to play guitar, due to family circumstances, moved away from the rural town where she had spent her childhood. After several years, she's back in her old hometown. She reunites with her childhood friends - Sora, Yuushin, and Asari - the friends she'd buried a time capsule with back in elementary school. Tsugu is overjoyed to be with her friends once more, but the bonds that she thought would never change have in fact started to grow major cracks...

Author Biography

Kaori Ozaki (1978-) is a professional comic artist and character designer. She made her debut in 1993 at the age of 15 for shojo publisher Shinshokan with the short series An Angel above the Piano. Her breakthrough work Immortal Rain earned her great acclaim globally as it was translated into a dozen languages and eventually published in the United States by Tokyopop. She worked on the eleven volume series for 12 years before switching publishers and switching genres with her first title from Kodansha's young adult magazine Afternoon, The Gods Lie.


"Mangaka Kaori Ozaki has crafted yet another thought-provoking and emotional tale that leaves you wondering what's going to happen next to the cast. If you're a fan of deeper slice-of-life stories, then this one belongs in your collection." -- Anime UK News