Six Weeks to Zero Waste: A simple plan for life

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Title Six Weeks to Zero Waste: A simple plan for life
Authors and Contributors      By (author)   Kate Arnell
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Format:Paperback / softback
Dimensions(mm): Height 210,Width 148
CategoriesThe environment
Conservation of the environment
ISBN 9781856754118
Tertiary Education (US: College)
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Publisher Octopus Publishing Group
Imprint Gaia Books Ltd
Publication Date 2 January 2020
NZ Release Date 2 January 2020
Publication Country United Kingdom


We are in the midst of a worldwide waste epidemic, where the average person in the UK throws away their own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks. The figure looks even worse at national level with the UK producing more than 100 million tonnes of waste every year. We all know the importance of reducing our environmental footprint, but the prospect of going green can seem daunting. SIX WEEKS TO ZERO WASTE is both an accessible and aspirational programme to eliminate waste - and it goes beyond plastic. In this book, TV presenter turned eco blogger, Kate Arnell, will help you on your path to rubbish-free living, with the principles of the 5 Rs (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot). From cutting down on food waste and decluttering, to making homemade health and beauty products, you'll soon be on your way to a zero-waste lifestyle.

Author Biography

Kate Arnell is a British television presenter, eco blogger, YouTuber and writer. She has previously hosted shows on MTV, TMF CBBC and BBC America. Kate has been featured in Daily Mail, The Independent and Glamour, on Radio 1 Life Hacks, and worked with brands including Ikea and People Tree. After four years of living a zero waste lifestyle, Kate launched her YouTube channel and blog ECO BOOST, which boasts over 41, 000 followers and over 1.5m views. She's also a proud ambassador for the Soil Association. Alongside her eco work, Kate has also written and part-illustrated her own children's books.