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Audio CD

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Title Fervor
Authors and Contributors      By (author) Toby Lloyd
Physical Properties
Format:Audio CD
Category/GenreAudiobooks on CD
Trade Publishers Audiobooks
Spiritual Fiction
All Dates
March 2024 Release Titles
Spiritual Fiction
ISBN/Barcode 9781797176604
Edition Audiobook

Publishing Details

Publisher Trade Publishers Audiobooks
Imprint Simon & Schuster Audio
NZ Release Date 19 March 2024
Publication Country United States


A chilling and unforgettable story of a close-knit Jewish family in London pushed to the brink when they suspect their daughter is a witch.Hannah and Eric Rosenthal are devout Jews living in North London with their three children and Erics father Yosef a Holocaust survivor. Both intellectually gifted and deeply unconventional the Rosenthals believe in the literal truth of the Old Testament and in the presence of God (and evil) in daily life. As Hannah prepares to publish a sensationalist account of Yosefs years in war-torn Europe--unearthing a terrible secret from his time in the camps--Elsie her perfect daughter starts to come undone. And then in the wake of Yosefs death she disappears. When she returns just as mysteriously as she left she is altered in disturbing ways. Witnessing the complete transformation of her daughter Hannah begins to suspect that Elsie has delved too deep into the labyrinths of Jewish mysticism and gotten lost among shadows. But for Elsies brother Tovyah a brilliant but reclusive student struggling to find his place at Oxford the truth is much simpler: his sister is the product of a dysfunctional family obsessed with empty rituals traditions and unbridled ambition. But who is right? Is religion the cure for the disease or the disease itself? And how can they stop the darkness from engulfing Elsie completely? Alive with both the bristling energy of a great campus novel and the unsettling ever-shifting ground of a great horror tale Fervor is at its heart a family story--where personal allegiances compete with obligations to history and to mysterious forces that offer both consolation and devastation.