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Jaded: A Nove

Audio CD

Main Details

Title Jaded: A Nove
Authors and Contributors      By (author) Ela Lee
Physical Properties
Format:Audio CD
Category/GenreAudiobooks on CD
Trade Publishers Audiobooks
All Dates
March 2024 Release Titles
ISBN/Barcode 9781797174341
Edition Audiobook

Publishing Details

Publisher Trade Publishers Audiobooks
Imprint Simon & Schuster Audio
NZ Release Date 19 March 2024
Publication Country United States


I May Destroy You meets Queenie in this debut novel about a young lawyer at a fancy London firm who wakes up the morning after a work gala with no memory of how she got home the previous night and must figure out what exactly happened--and how much shes willing to put up with to make her way to the top of the corporate ladder.Jade isnt even my real name. Jade began as my Starbucks name because all children of immigrants have a Starbucks name. Jade has done all the right things. Shes molded herself to fit in at her fancy London law firm but she tells herself she has no choice. Shes with a man who loves her but she isnt always herself around him. Shes made her Omma and Baba proud but she resents that they cant properly understand her. Jade is perfectly in control of her life. Until one terrible night reveals that the carefully constructed life Jade has built for herself--at work with her boyfriend and with her immigrant parents who have poured everything into making her a success--can easily come tumbling down. Set against the backdrop of cut-throat corporate London Jaded is a blistering--and sometimes darkly funny--account of consent power race sexism and identity in a broken society.