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Pinquickles Folly [Audiobook]

Audio CD

Main Details

Title Pinquickles Folly [Audiobook]
Authors and Contributors      By (author) R A Salvatore
SeriesDemonwars: The Buccaneers
Series part Volume No. 1
Physical Properties
Format:Audio CD
Category/GenreAudiobooks on CD
Trade Publishers Audiobooks
All Dates
April 2024 Release Titles
ISBN/Barcode 9781797170343
Edition Audiobook

Publishing Details

Publisher Trade Publishers Audiobooks
Imprint Simon & Schuster Audio
NZ Release Date 16 April 2024
Publication Country United States


The first adventure in the New York Times bestselling fantasy trilogy from the legendary million-selling author and creator of Drizzt DoUrden.In Pinquickles Folly New York Times bestselling author R. A. Salvatore returns to his signature world of Corona introducing a dynamic new part of the southern coast never written of before as a great starting place for readers in the DemonWars Saga: The Buccaneers. The first adventure in the Buccaneers trilogy begins in the free sea outside of the control of the usurping Xoconai empire where the dwarven powrie pirates and merchants sail. But the golden-skinned Xoconai have begun to encroach upon these waters behind the rapacious attacks of the frigate Crocodile helmed by Captain Aketz. But when forced to submit these sailors choose to live free to do as they please without some fool or another pretending to hold power over them. Fantasy master R. A. Salvatore brings together a misfit band of Xoconai powerie and human sailors--once enemies now fierce friends with a common enemy and the spark of rebellion in this action-packed piratical adventure.