The Godzone Dictionary: Of Favourite New Zealand Words and Phrases

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Title The Godzone Dictionary: Of Favourite New Zealand Words and Phrases
Authors and Contributors      By (author)   Max Cryer
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Format:Paperback / softback
Dimensions(mm): Height 210,Width 135
ISBN 9781775594000

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Publisher Exisle Publishing
Imprint Exisle Publishing
Publication Date 1 August 2019
NZ Release Date 1 August 2019
Publication Country New Zealand


Visitors to New Zealand are frequently surprised - and puzzled - by local terms and expressions. This concise A-Z dictionary, now updated in a new expanded edition, is a quick and easy reference to understanding the words and phrases that make the New Zealand language and speech patterns so different. Language expert Max Cryer not only provides helpful definitions for the various entries, but also sheds light on their origins. Slang words feature heavily, while a key feature of the book is the large number of Maori words that have become part of the common language over the years. Popular names of sports teams are also included, while an appendix of New Zealand acronyms completes the book. From Rotovegas to the Naki, both Kiwis and visitors to New Zealand will find the lingo of Godzone explained simply and accurately. Never stuffy or academic, Max Cryer brings his expert knowledge and dry wit to a book that is sure to become an essential reference. Sweet as!

Author Biography

Max Cryer has been answering New Zealand radio listeners' questions on English language for 22 years (Radio LIVE, Saturday nights). He holds an Honours degree in English Literature and Etymology, and his published books have three times been No. 1 on New Zealand's non-fiction bestsellers list.