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The Electric Guitar: A Graphic History

Paperback / softback

Main Details

Title The Electric Guitar: A Graphic History
Authors and Contributors      By (author) Blake Hoena
Illustrated by David Buisan
SeriesAmazing Inventions
Physical Properties
Format:Paperback / softback
Dimensions(mm): Height 224,Width 165
ISBN/Barcode 9781728420158
Children / Juvenile
Illustrations Glossary; Index; Illustrations, color

Publishing Details

Publisher Lerner Publishing Group
Imprint Graphic Universe
Publication Date 3 August 2021
Publication Country United States


For decades, the blasts and howls of the electric guitar have been some of the defining sounds of popular music. But more than a century of effort and innovation had to happen before this instrument went electric. Learn about the master craftspeople who created the guitar as we know it, the inventors who figured out how to send guitar notes through amplifiers and give the guitar a bigger sound, and the musicians whose legendary playing put it at the center of rock 'n' roll.

Author Biography

Blake Hoena has written more than one hundred books for children, including an original graphic novel series, Eek & Ack, and graphic novel retellings of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Peter Pan. Blake lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with his wife, two dogs, two cats, and hundreds of comics. David M. Buisan is an illustrator and lives in Barcelona, Spain. After completing his studies in Fine Arts, he has collaborated with various publications, such as Vogue, Squire, Variety, L'Officiel, and The Guardian. He is a regular contributor to editorial projects, highlighting his participation in the Doctor Who franchise and in Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space, published in the USA, UK, Spain, Germany, and France.


Yes, electric guitars evolved from acoustic guitars, but this volume in the Amazing Inventions series (4 titles) shows that the story behind electric guitars is much more complex. Starting with the lute and the guitarra latina (considered the first guitar), the detailed yet easy-to-read text traces innovations made to the acoustic guitar and the introduction of an electrified version. While electric guitars became popular band instruments in the early 1900s, their volume was limited. Integrating a STEAM component, the book transitions to guitar inventors, like Les Paul, who tackled this problem by redesigning electric guitars and experimenting with amps. Its final section offers a sampling of famous electric guitar players, such as Bo Diddley, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, and Joan Jett, and how they continued to experiment with electric guitar sounds. The graphic-novel format gives this high-interest topic even more appeal with color depictions of inventors and musicians in action. Up-close images and diagrams also reveal a variety of guitars and how these instruments and amps work. A fascinating look at the relationship between technology and music.--starred, Booklist -- "Journal" (10/1/2021 12:00:00 AM)