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Cells at Work! Baby 2

Paperback / softback

Main Details

Title Cells at Work! Baby 2
Authors and Contributors      By (author) Yasuhiro Fukuda
Created by Akane Shimizu
SeriesCells at Work! Baby
Series part Volume No. 2
Physical Properties
Format:Paperback / softback
Dimensions(mm): Height 208,Width 146
Category/GenreScience fiction
Graphic novels: Manga
ISBN/Barcode 9781646512034

Publishing Details

Publisher Kodansha America, Inc
Imprint Kodansha Comics
Publication Date 13 April 2021
Publication Country United States


It's no easy feat to keep a body happy and healthy, so even the newest cells have their tiny hands full! Join these cute baby cells as they work hard within their infant body, in this adorable spinoff of Cells at Work! Perfect for fans to read or share with kids who enjoyed the original series. A CELL'S FIRST STEPS Babies may look cute on the outside, but inside is a construction site. The blueprint? A human life! With the crucible of birth behind them, the baby's cells have no time to lose tackling the challenges of life outside the womb. When you're just a few pounds, a bump to the head causes panic, a vaccination is a mysterious invasion, and a mild cold can seem like a five-alarm fire! White Blood Cell has no shortage of enemies to fight, and Red Blood Cell will have to toughen up quick...a growing body is no place for crybabies!

Author Biography

Akane Shimizu is the acclaimed creator of Cells at Work!, the manga that dramatizes the action inside a human body. The work has seen manga spinoffs, a stage play adaptation, and a global hit anime, released by Aniplex, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix in the US. Yasuhiro Fukuda debuted in 2013 with Saikyo Shojo Sayuri before drawing Mado Kara Madoka-chan in 2017. Fukuda's latest work and English-language manga debut is Cells at Work! Baby.