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A Search for Starlight

Paperback / softback

Main Details

Title A Search for Starlight
Authors and Contributors      By (author) James Maxwell
SeriesThe Firewall Trilogy
Series part Volume No. 3
Physical Properties
Format:Paperback / softback
Category/GenreApril Teen Books
April Teen Fiction
Science fiction
ISBN/Barcode 9781542005272

Publishing Details

Publisher Amazon Publishing
Imprint 47North
Publication Date 4 February 2021
Publication Country United States


Beyond the firewall lies a greater threat than Taimin and Selena could have foreseen... Taimin and Selena have destroyed the firewall that once trapped them in their dangerous wasteland. But with their hard-fought freedom now comes a greater threat. Outside the wasteland, under the same two scorching suns, live the bonded. This powerful ancient enemy will unleash a destructive war on the wasteland's inhabitants, and Taimin knows it's a fight they cannot win. When Zorn comes under attack, Selena uses all her power as a mystic to protect the white city. Meanwhile Taimin's path takes him to Agravida, the capital of the advanced bonded civilisation - where he must work fast to find a weakness in a seemingly unbeatable enemy. To save everyone in the wasteland from certain death, Taimin and Selena seek to contact their ancestors in the stars. But will they reach them in time, and will their help be enough to turn the tide? The existence of the world is in their hands...

Author Biography

James Maxwell grew up in the scenic Bay of Islands, New Zealand, and was educated in Australia. Devouring fantasy and science-fiction classics from an early age, his love for books led to a strong interest in writing. He attended his first workshop with published authors at the age of eleven, and throughout his twenties he continued to develop the epic fantasy story he would one day bring to life. The internationally bestselling four books of The Evermen Saga were published with 47North in 2014. James soon followed with his second series, The Shifting Tides, a sweeping tale of adventure, intrigue, and magic. A Search for Starlight is the third title in his latest series, The Firewall Trilogy. James lives in London with his wife and daughter. When he isn't writing, he enjoys French cooking, acoustic guitar, and long walks in the English countryside. For free books and to learn about new releases, sign up at