Who? What? Why?: What Is Fake News?


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Title Who? What? Why?: What Is Fake News?
Authors and Contributors      By (author)   Izzi Howell
SeriesWho? What? Why?
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Dimensions(mm): Height 250,Width 170
CategoriesWork and industry
Social issues
ISBN 9781526308818
Children's (6-12)

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Publisher Hachette Children's Group
Imprint Wayland
Publication Date 28 June 2018
NZ Release Date 28 June 2018
Publication Country United Kingdom


The term 'fake news' may be relatively new, but the idea of presenting false information as a legitimate news story in an attempt to influence public opinion certainly isn't. Aimed at young tweens and teens, this is a clear, factual and accessible explaination of what fake news is and what motivates people to create it. The book looks at the various ways in which people receive information and the risks of being manipulated by half-truths, rumours or lies. It considers what motivates those who create and disseminate fake news and aks what societies and individuals can do to spot and stop fake news.

Author Biography

Izzi Howell is the author and editor of over fifty children's books. She lives in East Sussex and enjoys learning languages, cooking and travelling around Europe.