How to Be an Activist: A practical guide to organising, campaigning and making change happen

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Title How to Be an Activist: A practical guide to organising, campaigning and making change happen
Authors and Contributors      By (author)   Vanessa Holburn
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Format:Paperback / softback
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ISBN 9781472143846
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Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint Robinson
Publication Date 9 January 2020
NZ Release Date 9 January 2020
Publication Country United Kingdom


From experienced campaigner Vanessa Holburn and with a foreword by award-winning animal welfare campaigner Lorraine Platt, this is the essential guide to activism. HOW TO BE AN ACTIVIST covers everything you need to know to create a successful social campaign and bring about positive change no matter what your cause. This practical, inspirational book covers topics ranging from identifying your central issue and setting meaningful milestones and goals, to learning how to use the media effectively and stay safe and within the law. It will help you with every step of your campaign, keeping you motivated through periods of self-doubt and staving off burnout as you celebrate milestones on the way to creating meaningful change in the world. With contributions from influential campaigners including Natasha Devon MBE. Fresh from waving banners in the pouring rain, journalist and campaigner Vanessa Holburn passes on the lessons she has learned so the reader can fast track their movement to success. This is the age of activism and everyone is invited to join the movement.

Author Biography

Journalist and author Vanessa Holburn spent two years campaigning for a ban on third party pet sales in a bid to end the cruel practice of puppy farming. In 2018 she was invited to Downing Street to hear Michael Gove announce plans to change the law to support such a ban. The campaign is proof that ordinary people together can achieve extraordinary change. Her current focus is 'greening' her small Berkshire village - advising business and community groups how to use and waste less and move towards becoming plastic-free, while sharing skills and resources. Vanessa's publishing experience stretches over 24 years and her work has appeared in magazines, newspapers and digital outlets. Her consumer press credits include Private Eye, The Mirror, The Sun, Vegan Living, Woman's Own, Yours, Dogs Today, Ask The Doctor and The Independent on Sunday.


Essential reading for anyone looking to start a grassroots campaign - and useful bedtime reading for some of our political parties too - Guardian I wish this book was available when I started campaigning. It's everything you need to know to get you through some of the most intense, and ultimately most rewarding, acts of your life Practical, persuasive and personal, this is important reading for grassroots campaigners. It will be of interest to anyone impelled to take matters into their own hands, when the failures of those who are meant to act on our behalves in times of crisis fail us We all have an inner activist and, with world leaders largely refusing to properly engage on everything from climate change to mental health, there's never been a more important time to harness her. This book allows you to learn from the experiences of trail-blazing campaigners and make your own positive difference Activism isn't just a hobby, it's a fun and exciting lifestyle Despite the Brexit chaos, politicians made time for Lucy's Law because it reminded them why they wanted to be MPs. Passionate individuals highlighted something that was broken they could fix. If you want a better future, please read this book and find your voice! How To Be An Activist is a fantastic book, bringing people from all walks of life into politics to ensure that citizens' campaigns thrive Never before has activism been so accessible or aspirational, and Vanessa's book makes a dream to make a difference a real possibility. This easy-to-read, simple-to-digest guide not only explains how to bring people together and make a difference, but, with case studies and 'takeaways, How to Be An Activist provides guidance for anyone who wants to be the difference this world needs right now