No Shame

Paperback / softback

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Title No Shame
Authors and Contributors      By (author)   Anne Cassidy
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Format:Paperback / softback
Dimensions(mm): Height 198,Width 129
CategoriesBullying, Violence and Abuse
ISBN 9781471406782
Children / Juvenile

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Publisher Hot Key Books
Imprint Hot Key Books
Publication Date 21 September 2017
NZ Release Date 21 September 2017
Publication Country United Kingdom


From the author of the critically acclaimed, LOOKING FOR JJ, shortlisted for the Whitbread Prize in 2004 and the Carnegie Medal in 2005. Stacey Woods has been raped and now she has to go through a different ordeal - the court trial. But nothing in life it seems is black and white and life is not always fair or just. Suddenly it seems that she may not be believed and that the man who attacked her may be found not guilty . . . if so Stacey will need to find a way to rebuild her life again . . . A tautly told and important book, perfect for readers of Asking for It by Louise O'Neill.

Author Biography

Anne Cassidy was born in London in 1952. She was an awkward teenager who spent the Swinging Sixties stuck in a convent school trying, dismally, to learn Latin. She was always falling in love and having her heart broken. She worked in a bank for five years until she finally grew up. She then went to college before becoming a teacher for many years. In 2000 Anne became a full time writer, specialising in crime stories and thrillers for teenagers. In 2004 LOOKING FOR JJ was published to great acclaim, going on to be shortlisted for the 2004 Whitbread Prize and the 2005 Carnegie Medal. Follow Anne at or on Twitter: @annecassidy6


'No Shame' is the most important book in this round-up and you should buy a copy for yourself and everyone you know * Maximum Pop * Whilst this book was tough to read at times, it's an exceptionally important one. Stacey's emotions were so honest, and her story was powerful. I couldn't help but feel proud of how she managed to deal with everything that was thrown in front of her. She had moments of doubt, but she fought through them and came out stronger. I love that YA stories like this one are out there and, whilst the ending was bittersweet for me, I'm happy that Cassidy told Stacey's story in the way that she did * Queen of Teen Fiction * For such a short read, it doesn't half pack a punch. It leaves you with so many questions and it is really, incredibly effecting. This is most definitely a novel for older teens, but it should most definitely be taught to all Year 11s or sixth formers. Because it's so eye-opening and harrowing, but also the way Stacey takes a stand makes you want to stand up and applaud her * Girl VS Books * a hard-hitting, raw series perfect for lighting a fire in anyone who reads it to fight for justice * Heart Full of Books * Once I started reading each book I couldn't stop, it kind of has that effect on you. I do hope that readers will enjoy both books as much as I have. I honestly very highly recommend both books No Virgin and No Shame * I Read Novels * an important read for the world we live in today and should be read by many * PowisAmy * Cassidy tackles this tricky subject matter with straight-forward narrative that pulls no punches, yet reflects the thoughts and emotions of the the teenage victim. * Ink Pellet * I read the first sentence and I couldn't put it down. I'm going to leave a copy on my children's pillows. -- Carrie Grant * BBC Radio London * Cassidy's thorough research, vivid characterisation and narrative honesty make this a book which should be in every school library, so that young women everywhere will be aware of both risks and rights. * Books for Keeps * Cassidy's thorough research, vivid characterisation and narrative honesty make this a book which should be in every school library, so that young women everywhere will be aware of both risks and rights * Books For Keeps * This gripping story, sympathetically written about a likeable and believable character, gives the reader plenty to think about * Carousel Magazine * It's so real, in fact, there were times I could have thrown the book at the floor in frustration. Cassidy doesn't sugar coat and she has an unbelievable ability to create characters that get inside your skin. I was gripped throughout * Armadillo Magazine * Cassidy never takes the easy way out in this thought-provoking and at times painful book, but still manages to provide a satisfying conclusion to a powerful depiction of the process that at times seems designed to break anyone who dares to stand up and be counted * Crime Review *