My Life, Your Life: Self-Esteem and Confidence

Paperback / softback

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Title My Life, Your Life: Self-Esteem and Confidence
Authors and Contributors      By (author)   Honor Head
SeriesMy Life, Your Life
Physical Properties
Format:Paperback / softback
Dimensions(mm): Height 226,Width 194
CategoriesSelf-Awareness and Self-Esteem
ISBN 9781445152936
Children / Juvenile

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Publisher Hachette Children's Group
Imprint Franklin Watts Ltd
Publication Date 14 March 2019
NZ Release Date 14 March 2019
Publication Country United Kingdom


This book looks at self-esteem and how it's possible to change it. It deals with issues such as a healthy body image, peer pressure, celebrity culture and bullying and provides lots of practical advice for young people dealing with low self-esteem. It is part of the series MY LIFE, YOUR LIFE, which takes a sensitive and positive look at some of the issues that concern children aged 10+. It explores issues including sexuality, gender, self-esteem, prejudice and discrimination and promotes and encourages discussion. By thinking creatively and critically, children can learn to accept their differences, embrace diversity and improve their sense of self and how they fit into the bigger picture. Each title also provides advice in the form of practical ways to cope with distressing or difficult situations.

Author Biography

After a few false starts with a model agency and an accountant's, Honor Head's career as a children's writer and editor began when she joined a small publisher producing comics featuring children's television characters. The light bulb clicked on - Honor discovered she loved editing and writing for children - and has been burning brightly ever since. She has now published over 100 books for children on subjects as diverse as kitten care, famous outlaws, ghastly ghosts and totally awesome trucks as well as creating pop-ups, pull-outs and sticker books, and has edited many, many more. Honor now lives beside the seaside in Devon where she has fun helping out at the local museums organising family and school activities - a great way to meet her readers! On sunny days she heads for her favourite seaside cafe to eat cheese toasties and watch the dogs playing on the beach.


Children's self-confidence often seems a fragile thing, yet it is so important we nurture and strengthen it. This upbuilding book, which is one in a practical series, is perfect to do just that. * Parents In Touch *