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Eco Hero In Training: Become a top ecologist

Paperback / softback

Main Details

Title Eco Hero In Training: Become a top ecologist
Authors and Contributors      By (author) Jo Hanks
Illustrated by Sarah Lawrence
SeriesIn Training
Physical Properties
Format:Paperback / softback
Dimensions(mm): Height 257,Width 207
Category/GenreApril Childrens Books
April Childrens - Fiction
ISBN/Barcode 9780753445983
Children's (6-12)

Publishing Details

Publisher Pan Macmillan
Imprint Kingfisher Books Ltd
Publication Date 18 March 2021
Publication Country United Kingdom


Learn how to become an ecologist in this exciting title! Packed with bitesize information and fun facts about the life of a nature lover, Ecologist in Training will tell you all about habitats, animals, plants and how we can all be greener. Discover the life and career of an ecologist - what they do and how you can join their eco gang. See how and why conservationists study living things in every habitat, from high in the tree to the deepest ocean; how their findings help us to understand the word we live; and what we can all do to protect the eco systems that surround us.

Author Biography

Jo Hanks writes fiction and non-fiction books for children of all ages. She has a particular love of non-fiction and has written about big topics like the environment, dinosaurs, global history, ancient history, the supernatural (agreed, some might say that's not strictly non-fiction.); and arguably smaller subjects like shapes, colours, sizes and fluffy bunnies. Writing non-fiction is really just an excuse for her to spend days reading about very interesting things. Her fiction writing includes picture books, board books, fairytales, ancient myths and more fluffy bunnies. Sarah Lawrence lives and works in Worthing, England with her young daughter, who is a daily source of inspiration. Since graduating in 2006, Sarah has worked in children's publishing, both in-house and freelance. She creates bright and engaging digital illustrations using Illustrator and Photoshop. In her free time, Sarah loves to paint, play guitar and bake cakes. But not all at once.