The Story of Food: Chocolate

Paperback / softback

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Title The Story of Food: Chocolate
Authors and Contributors      By (author)   Alex Woolf
SeriesThe Story of Food
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Format:Paperback / softback
Dimensions(mm): Height 262,Width 208
CategoriesCooking and food - general
ISBN 9780750297929
Children's (6-12)

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Publisher Hachette Children's Group
Imprint Wayland (Publishers) Ltd
Publication Date 11 January 2018
NZ Release Date 11 January 2018
Publication Country United Kingdom


Did you know that the chocolate bar you can pick up from any corner shop used to be a precious and exotic food that only aristocracy could afford? This book looks at the history of one of our favourite foods, from the ancient civilisations who made the first hot chocolate to today's global sweets industry. Other topics covered are health aspects of chocolate, how it is produced, its chemical properties and how it is traded around the world. An ideal leisure read, but also perfect for coursework and presentations.

Author Biography

Alex Woolf studied history at Essex University, and has written and edited many 20th century history titles for young people.