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Space: a children's encyclopedia


Main Details

Title Space: a children's encyclopedia
Authors and Contributors      By (author) DK
Physical Properties
Dimensions(mm): Height 290,Width 225
Reference works
ISBN/Barcode 9780241426364
Children's (6-12)

Publishing Details

Publisher Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Imprint DK Children
NZ Release Date 21 January 2021
Publication Country United Kingdom


From the Moon, Sun, and planets of our Solar System to space exploration, black holes, and dark matter, this completely revised and updated children's encyclopedia covers all you need to know about the cosmos. The most up-to-date images from space agencies such as NASA and ESA combine with info panels, timelines, interviews, diagrams, and activities you can do at home to help you understand the majesty and wonder of space.Learn about the Space Race, the Apollo Moon Landings, the Voyager craft that first probed the outer planets, the Hubble telescope, and the International Space Station (ISS) - the state-of-the-art laboratory orbiting Earth.Find out about future missions, space tourism, and the latest discoveries in the furthest reaches of our galaxy. Discover how to find constellations and where to look for stars and planets, including Venus and Mars, in the night sky. Learn how galaxies such as our Milky Way were formed.Part of a series of best-selling encyclopedias for children, Space- A Children's Encyclopedia is a rocket ride from the beginning of time to the near future, and from planet Earth out to the furthest reaches of the Universe.