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New Customers


All orders from Public Libraries and Schools are invoiced, our standard credit terms are payment 20th of the month following the invoice date.


Browsing and searching

I Can’t find what I’m looking for!

If the book you are looking for cannot be found by us it usually means that the book has been out of print for more than 6 months and therefore won’t be in our database, or this book is a title that is not readily available from our normal suppliers.

With our database of approximately one million readily available titles the vast majority of titles being searched will be found, but if you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us with your enquiry and we will investigate further for you.


How do I browse your books?

Choose a category that interests you and click through the available sub-categories until you have the closest results for your needs.

You are also able to “Refine” your results by a number of choices (format, publication country, or release date).

In most cases this will leave you with a manageable list of books to browse.


How do I search for a particular book I’m interested in?

At the top of every page on our site there is a search box. You are able to search here with either a title or ISBN.

For a more detailed search where combinations of information can be used please go to our advanced search page


A book I'm interested in has no price listed!

A small number of titles have not had pricing information supplied from their publisher, in such cases please contact us with the details and we will investigate and update the price. Before we do so we will make sure this price is the best available from any major online bookshop in New Zealand.

What do your availability messages mean?

Every book in our database will have an “availability message” that will let you know whether a book is available and approximately how long it will take for us to dispatch it to you.

This information is supplied to us by our suppliers and publishers and is updated on a regular basis, we rely on the accuracy of the information from these suppliers and publishers and in most cases it is correct.

If any availability information proves to be incorrect after you place an order we will contact you immediately to keep you informed.

If you require any clarity or more information regarding an “availability messages” on a particular title please contact us with your enquiry.


Details of our availability information


Same day dispatch

These books are in our Auckland warehouse and will usually be dispatched the same day we receive your order.

Usually ships within 5-14 days

These books are showing as in stock with our supplier and will be dispatched from our warehouse usually within 5-14 days.


Usually ships within 3-5 weeks

These books are showing as out of stock with our local suppliers and need to be ordered from overseas, they will be dispatched from our warehouse within approximately 3-5 weeks.


These books are yet to be published and will be supplied as soon as they are available, usually 3-9 days after the New Zealand publication date.


These books are for various reasons not available to order. Usually because they are now out of print, publication has been delayed or abandoned or they are not available from our usual suppliers.

Please feel free to contact us regarding unavailable books if you require more detailed information.



How much do you charge for delivery?

All deliveries are free of charge.

What method do you use to deliver?

All our deliveries are made by Post Haste couriers, Castle Parcels and NZ Post.



What is your returns policy?

We do ask that returns are made within 14 days of the original invoice date and that the book is in "as new" condition. Please contact us before returning a book for authorisation.


My Membership Details

I need to make a change to an order

After an order has been submitted to us please contact us to make any changes.


Can I change the details of my membership?

Yes you can, simply go to manage my membership to edit your details.

I’ve forgotten my password

If you’ve forgotten you password, simply go here, enter your details and we will email your password to you.

You are also at any time able to change your password, simply go to manage my membership to do this.